Macho Town Chica

Welcome to the official home page of Macho Town Chica, APHA’s only living Supreme Champion and one of only a few Superior All-Arounds! Born on April 27th 1997, Chica quickly became our pride and joy. She is the first foal of our AQHA mare, Double Town Delight. Delight was never shown in AQHA shows (we couldn't stand the way the judges wanted the horses to move in those days!) but became well known in the 4-H and Pony Club competitions as the best. Chica started her career as a Longe Line Futurity winner taking first place honors in several futurities. (APHA didn't approve the class until the next year so Chica has no official points in Longe Line.) We showed her some as a yearling and finally got a Grand Championship in halter towards the end of her yearling year. (Chica was growing up so fast that we had trouble getting enough weight on her to show at halter as a yearling.)

All that changed as a two-year-old!! In Chicas first show of the season she earned Grands and never looked back!! She was rarely beat as a 2-yr-old in halter and went on to beat even "the big boys" at Bakersfield that year. We read an APHA article that year about Supreme Champions and how the honor was deemed "nearly impossible to attain because of the specialization of the modern Paint horse". It got us to thinking. Chica already had more than enough Grands and she moved soooooo pretty. We were used to training her dam in several different facets of horsemanship (in 4-H the horses are expected to do Dressage and Jumping one day, Game the next, and do Trail and Pleasure the next.) We thought, why not? We knew she could move better than most pleasure horses and that she had the speed to attain the AA rating in racing she needed. (We had match raced her on the beaches of the Oregon coast and Debbie had worked on the track at one time and knew she had speed.) Chica had an unofficial AAA speed index of 96 at the 220 on the Prineville, Oregon racetrack.

The other and probably most important asset this mare possessed was her wonderful mind. She really loved the diversity of new classes. She took to the Jumping and Cow work like a duck to water. She started getting a little too in love with the Barrel Racing so we waited until we were finished with most of her needed ROM's before we finished her Barrels. By the end of July in her 5th year Chica had become APHA's 40th Supreme Champion and the first APHA registered horse to achieve the award in over 10 years. She also attained her Superior All-Around as a 5 yr-old.  Macho Town Chica is truly a living legend!
Chica has added to her honors by becoming a two-time World Champion producer with her first foal, WKN Chicas Icon, APHA multiple World Halter Champion Stallion and Ima Stylish Chica, World Champion Halter Filly.
 How many mares can boast of the production of two World Champions and a Supreme Championship and a Superior All-Around in this day and age???!!!  Chica is truly a living legend!!


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1997 Sorrel Overo Mare, 16+ hands, 1400 lbs 
Triple Registered: APHA, AQHA & PtHA

Sire: Barlink Macho Man

Dam: Double Town Delight

APHA’s only living Supreme Champion, Superior All Around